the new kindly by kelsea!

LAUNCH DAY IS HERE! I am so so SO excited to share everything with you, but first - how do you like the new website?! I am no developer by any means, but it was pretty fun to learn more about the Squarespace platform and grow my capabilities over the last few weeks.

Onto the exciting things now, shall we? While Kindly by Kelsea has a new logo, a new aesthetic, new brand colors, and new graphics, I assure you the heart behind it remains the same. When I started thinking about my rebrand (back in May!), I wanted to let myself truly take my time with it. I wanted to design something that felt like it represented myself, my dream for this business, and the love I have for this work, and I knew it might take a while to create something I was so close to. 

After several months, countless logo sketches, three business card orders (oops) and about 17 pattern designs, I finally present to you: the new Kindly by Kelsea brand.

Kindly by Kelsea Rebrand Reveal


My brand mood board took me virtually no time at all, as I had a really clear vision of what I wanted it to represent: a mix of aspirational style and soft feminine notes with bolder colors. As most of you know, my previous branding was much lighter, favoring pastels over everything. When I initially chose the color palette, my brand ambitions were wildly different, and I didn't have a clear picture of my target audience. This go 'round, I designed with the following brand adjectives in mind: 


These specific adjectives guided me to the deep teals, mauve pinks, and warm oranges you see here. They maintain their softness the classic style I want my brand to represent, but they speak a bolder story than before. These hues aren't afraid to be seen, and they evoke a confidence I want my clients to feel in my approach. Not to mention the teal, in particular, is a nice balance between traditionally nurturing green and trustworthy blue. 

Kindly by Kelsea Rebrand Brand Mood Board
Kindly by Kelsea Rebrand Reveal Color and Type Palette


Now, I do want to share a little bit of my thought process behind the logo itself. As you can imagine, I spent a good amount of time analyzing every single aspect of the design, and when I finally sketched this one, I felt such a peace about it. The 'K' monogram is my favorite detail. Not only does it give a subtle nod to my first logo (primarily the hand lettered style), it's also largely representative of my hope for this business. If I could name one goal for Kindly, I would say that I deeply desire for my designs to nourish your business; to help them flourish beyond your wildest dreams.

Aside from my all around fascination with flowers, I knew this needed to be illustrated somewhere in the logo, and the monogram seemed like the perfect spot. The two lines in the K represent the two K's in "Kindly" and "Kelsea," and the tip of the letter extends directly into a blossoming flower, just as I aspire to help your business blossom through visual design. 

I opted for all lowercase letters in my primary text because I want my brand and this space to feel approachable and laid-back. If you've read my bio, you know that most of the time I'm living in leggings and a ponytail, so an easy going, timeless type was a no-brainer.

Kindly by Kelsea Rebrand Logo Variations
Kindly by Kelsea Rebrand Logo Variations


Ohhh, patterns. You all know I have a soft spot for them, so it's no wonder I spent TEN MILLION YEARS BRAINSTORMING ideas for my own brand. Okay, maybe not....but it felt like it at times! I wanted my patterns to be a true extension of my brand aesthetic and my brand heart, so florals were an easy route. The light pink pattern shown below is simply taken from my logo, representing the vine in my K monogram (which, by the way, is also a nod to John 15:5!), followed by a free-falling floral print and a vintage-inspired stripe. I love them all so much!

Kindly by Kelsea Rebrand Reveal Pattern Design


Last but not least, a few collateral mockups! I received my business cards the other day and I'm head over heels for them. I'm still working on the design for my own brand stationery, but I ordered a few of these Kindly by Kelsea mugs to celebrate this special day - aren't they cute? 

Kindly by Kelsea Rebrand Business Card Brand Design
Kindly by Kelsea Brand Launch Reveal Mug Design

That's all for now! I hope you take a moment to explore the new site and take advantage of my new freebie (at the bottom of every page!). Thank you all for your kind words of encouragement along this journey! I'm so excited to see where KBK is headed!