brand reveal: mallorie gayle photography

Hello, friend! I have been DYING to share Mallorie Gayle Photography’s brand reveal and the day has finally arrived!! But, first, a little background…

Mallorie and I first connected on social media through a Facebook post for Creative at Heart Round 8 attendees (which, by the way, we can’t WAIT to attend!). After her initial inquiry email, we instantly bonded over our love for all thinks pink, floral, and our small-world connections in both DC and Texas. She is one of the sweetest people I’ve ever had the pleasure of working with, and I’m so excited for the opportunity to connect with her in person at C@H this November. 

Brand Reveal Mallorie Gayle Photography by Kindly by Kelsea

During our initial client call, Mallorie and I dug deep into her true heart for photography. As a mama of two seriously adorable children, a loving wife, and a loyal friend, Mallorie’s passion for capturing every day life is not something she takes for granted.

Whether it’s spending time with a bride on her wedding day and looking out for the littlest of details, or holding a two-year-old boy’s attention during a family photo shoot, she genuinely cares for her clients and does whatever she can to capture the beauty of real-life moments in a professional and well-organized manner.

Mallorie Gayle Photography Branding Kindly by Kelsea
I mean, just look at how GORGEOUS her work is!

I mean, just look at how GORGEOUS her work is!

When sharing a few special moments in her career, Mallorie’s eyes absolutely lit up at the mention of her own family, and I knew we had to do something unique to tie in her personal roots and showcase her deep value for heritage and home. 

After our call, it was time to get to work! I hit the round running to source images for her brand inspiration board, selecting those that embodied a tender appreciation for the small joys in life: The feel of your favorite dress, the taste of your mom’s favorite tea, the smell of the flowers outside your childhood home. The recurring pattern of vintage femininity, grace, and love among these images harnessed an obvious color palette of subdued pinks and soft greys.

The rest came so naturally after landing on a vision, and what we arrived at couldn’t be more perfect. As you will see, her brand weaves in heartfelt details like a Dogwood illustration, representing the state flower of Virginia, where she and her sweet family presently call “home.” Subtle nods to heritage also play out in the use of her Granny Lucy’s old family recipes, which we transformed into a memorable (and practical!) brand pattern. Take a peek below!

Mallorie Gayle Photography Brand Mood Board
Mallorie Gayle Photography Color Palette
Mallorie Gayle Photography Primary Logo Kindly by Kelsea
Mallorie Gayle Photography Secondary Logo
Mallorie Gayle Photography Brand Patterns
Mallorie Gayle Photography Stationery Mockup
Mallorie Gayle Photography Photo Book Mockup
Mallorie Gayle Photography Web Mockup

After SIX years, MGP now tells a story - it exists beyond just a simple logo on a piece of paper. It's timeless, thoughtful, and all together lovely. It was a true JOY to develop this gorgeous brand, and I can't wait to share what other beautiful things are in the works for the future! Let's just say, this is not the last you'll hear of MGP :) 

If you're thinking of rebranding or starting a brand all together, I would love nothing more than to work with you on building a story unique to YOU. Email me at for more information!