6 tools to keep your creative business on track

In my time as a full-time business owner, I've discovered a few tried-and-true resources that help make client and time management incredibly easy!

6 Tools to Keep Your Business on Track Birmingham Brand Designer Kindly by Kelsea

1) Honeybook

After trying a few different client management systems, including Dubsado and 17Hats, I can confidently say I’ve found my best fit with Honeybook. With an easy-to-navigate interface and a support staff second to none - I've reached out with countless questions! - the platform offers everything I need to keep my clients informed and happy. Automating everything from emails to proposals and questionnaires has made my life a thousand times easier. (Interested in trying it out? Click here to get 50% off your first year!)

2) Toggl

Though I opt for package-based pricing instead of an hourly rate, I LOVE tracking my time with Toggl. Their basic membership is free, it's an incredibly easy platform to use, and it provides detailed reports of where my time is spent. I usually track a day or two out of the week to ensure I'm maximizing my efforts and not spending too much (or too little!) time in a certain area - whether that be social media, a client project, or even growth & education. 

3) Google Drive

Aside from Gmail and Google Calendar, Google Drive is a business owner's best friend. Not only does it allow me to store larger files without taking up MASS amounts of space on my computer (Designers out there, I know you feel my pain!), but I can rest assured knowing it keeps my client work safe from any accidental hard drive issues or mishaps. I upload all brand presentations and design files to Google Drive when I share my final client files, that way they are safe for my clients, too! 

4) golden coil

Planner + organization nerds, unite! GoldenCoil is a fully customizable planner/notebook that has honestly been my saving grace as of late. I live by my to-do list, and despite a few serious go’s at using systems like Asana, I have accepted my fate as a forever paper gal. The best thing about GoldenCoil is that you can customize it to whatever calendar or note-taking system best suites you!

5) postable

Yet another free favorite, Postable is an easy way to capture all client information - from their birthday to their email - making it easy to surprise and delight throughout their design process! The platform is able to send mail, directly, or you can use it as a simple online address book to keep everything in one place.

6) later

Last but not least, my favorite site for Instagram scheduling. Anyone else feel....overwhelmed by the pace of social media? Later makes it easy to schedule out content, to access analytics (aside from what Instagram Business offers!), and to see your scheduled content will appear on your overall "grid." 

(BONUS!) 7) flodesk

I had to go back and add this tool to the list! Get excited, fellow designer friends! Our wishes have been answered with an AESTHETICALLY driven, functional email platform. Hallelujah, am I right? Flodesk is easy to navigate, user-friendly, and conversion-minded, meaning the best of all worlds have come together to create something desperately needed. Interested in 50% off your first year? CLICK HERE!

I'm constantly on the lookout for new suggestions, so if you have any to add, send them my way! 


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