how to incorporate brand patterns into your business

I hope all of you had a lovely long weekend! We spent most of it relaxing at home, trying to recover from jet lag, enjoying the sunshine, and spending time with friends and family! Now, it's back to reality, but I have so many fun projects on the horizon I can't wait to share with you! 

As for today, I am talking all about P A T T E R N S ! I receive questions almost weekly from potential, current, and even past clients regarding brand patterns, namely "how do you use them?!" So, I figured I would wrap up the answers into one pretty blog post to answer this question for anyone wondering the same thing.

As many of you know, pattern design is one of my FAVORITE parts of the branding process because patterns are so versatile. 

Did you know our brains actually pick up on patterns more easily than words? In fact, patterns often become just as (if not more!) recognizable than actual logos. Take brands like Lilly Pulitzer or Burberry, for instance. Brightly-colored palm trees usher in thoughts of Lilly's summery, Palm Beach-inspired brand; whereas, classic tan check immediately resonates as iconic Burberry. Patterns have the power to propel your brand forward like no other element, sparking an emotional connection with your clients, and I highly, highly recommend implementing them into your brand if you haven't already.

Demonstrating pattern use with a conceptual brand (Splatter - fun name, right?), I've listed 7 unique ways to incorporate pattern into your business. 

1) Business Cards

With the prevalence of digital media these days, it may seem like business cards are on the outs; however, a strong, attention-grabbing business card has the power to make people stop in their tracks and truly take notice.  A brand-relevant pattern, as shown in the mock-up below, perfectly illustrates the brand's purpose without the use of words. 


2) Packaging

Pattern-branded packaging is a striking and remarkable way to make a lasting impression on potential clients. Useful for anything from client gifts (boxes, bags, tissue paper - you name it!) to presentation materials (folders and more!), packaging is one of the more impactful uses for brand patterns. 


3) Stationery

An obvious (yet often overlooked!) use for brand patterns, stationery is an excellent way to make your client's day and stay top-of-mind throughout the year. Custom envelope liners are my go-to pick - one with personality never goes unnoticed!


4) Social Media Graphics

Anyone with a Canva account or simple design software can create a graphic, but incorporating personalized brand patterns into your social spaces help to keep your business platforms consistent and streamlined. Spice up your blog post announcement or giveaway alert using your brand's personalized, eye-catching print. 


5) Digital + Printed Collateral

Gone are the days of simplistic invoices, contracts, welcome packets, and pricing sheets. More and more, it's imperative that every. single. element of your business remains attention-grabbing to your clients - this includes even the most mundane of pieces!

6) Brand "Swag"

Everyone loves a good piece of swag (hello, free koozies and pens!), but it's easy to do these in a tacky or overly promotional manner. Incorporating brand patterns within giveaway or "swag" items gives your brand a subtle, recognizable nod without the noise of a logo.


7) Blog + Web Graphics

Patterns can make for the most interesting buttons, footers, and graphics on a website! They lend depth beyond just solid colors, and (when tastefully done) draw attention to places you really want potential clients to notice. 

I hope you found this post informative and helpful! As I've mentioned before, branding extends so far beyond just a logo, and there are many elements that make your brand as special as it is. If you're interested in creating brand patterns for your business, drop me a line and let's chat!