brand reveal: michael lemke, realtor

Hello! For those of you who follow me on social media, you might have seen I'm currently traveling the streets of Europe right now in celebration of my sweet husband's birthday. (Don't worry - I promise I'm enjoying vacation and wrote this ahead of time!)

To formally kick off relevant content on the KBK blog, I would love to share some branding work I did for a Houston-based realtor, Michael Lemke. Michael approached me seeking a total Brand Refresh for his pre-existing business. Guys, I hate to say it, but it was capital B-A-D before. I'm talking bright green, black and white with ClipArt graphics kind of bad. More importantly, it did not accurately represent Michael or the professionalism with which he runs his business, so (needless to say) I was more than happy to help.

In our initial meeting, Michael described his ideal client as someone in his or her late-twenties/early-thirties, married, and seeking escape from the bustling metropolitan area in the quieter suburbs. This client loves industrial design, values craftsmanship, and still has a grip on what's trendy in the market. While they don't have children quite yet, they are looking to grow their family in the next few years and need room to do so. He knew his current branding was not accomplishing his goal of reaching this client and wanted to start fresh.

After answering a complete questionnaire and digging into the heart of his business and why he loves being a realtor, we talked through ideal color palettes, textures he sees in homes for this client, and additional design needs to round out the meeting.

So, where does a designer go with that information? Right to research! Hours of studying other realtors in his space, looking into home-buying trends, designs on the rise, and where this ideal client can be found in Houston. From there, I gathered imagery I knew represented this client to the core and built Michael's initial brand inspiration board, shown below! 


Cooler tones with a touch of leathery warmth, major industrial vibes, and sleek lines provided the perfect direction for the sketching and design phase.

Michael and I were on the same page the entire time, and several weeks later (following color theory discussions, pattern design, social media strategy, and brand guidelines finalization!), we launched his newfound brand into the world. Take a look below for a few of his branding elements.



Have a wonderful week!