I take a holistic approach to crafting
a visual brand presence for creative makers and shakers.


Hi, y’all!I’m Kelsea.

Kelsea Buddo, to be exact.

Which is v. cute because it's actually pronounced like “BUD” (as in flower bud) DO - and I’m obsessed with blooms. Too cheesy?

Okay, let’s move on!

honestly, you guys,
i never imagined this to be my future.

While I spent my college life as an English Major, and I’ve always been in the business of storytelling, my career didn’t start here. It started in a small editorial cubicle at Southern Living magazine.

It didn’t take long for my eyes to wander over to the Art Department, where I noticed talented designers piecing together layouts, formatting cover designs, and strategizing styled shoots.

I realized, their work not only supported the editorial story, bringing words into vivid color, it actually helped SELL the story in the first place.

Fast forward over a period of five years and countless moves, I eventually realized that my “dream job” wasn’t actually my dream anymore.

Kindly by Kelsea Brand Designer and Strategist for Creatives

This realization surprisingly led me to the world of branding and design.

I started to learn through free and low-cost tools, simply for fun. I navigated my way around Adobe Illustrator, and treated it like an outlet for my creativity that I couldn’t find in my current role at my day job. In the middle of days filled with conference calls, busy work, and managing a team…

I felt stuck, uninspired, and bored.

In the years prior, I learned the tools of the trade, but I let busyness take over and pushed my hobby to the side for the sake of my obligations, yet again.  

Then, my sweet husband surprised me with a new laptop for my birthday to rekindle my love for design.

I enrolled in a few design classes, and that little seed of faith was all I needed to start dreaming of the possibilities. Like any list-abiding, goal-chasing Enneagram 1, my hobby quickly turned to a side hustle, and eventually to a full time business when I launched Kindly by Kelsea in 2018.

since then, this surprise-of-a-business has grown into a surprise-of-a-blessing because it allows me to meet, support, and dig deep into the ground of growth with so many entrepreneurs who inspire me daily.

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a few things we believe


kindness > coolnesss

You know that whole “kind” thing? It’s more than a cool alliteration that worked out with my name. I'd rather be known for loving others and serving them like Jesus than for my following on Instagram.


meaningful > pretty

Good design should be more than pretty. It should perform, convert, and captivate an audience.

But since you’re asking, YES, I believe you can have both!


you’ve gotta celebrate the little things

Wear your party hat and celebrate the little victories! Small steps add up to big leaps.

And I’ll be here to cheer you on, every small step of the way!

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meet kelsea (IRL)

Kindly by Kelsea Brand Designer and Strategist for Creatives

He’s the epitome of an Enneagram 9. He so genuinely wants everyone to be happy - especially me! He even wears a shirt that says “Chill Vibes” when he thinks we’re in a conflict, and our friends call him “Chili Rob.” Yes, for real.

Kindly by Kelsea Brand Designer and Strategist for Creatives

We call her “Queen P.” Let’s just say: she dances for her food and we throw her birthday parties. You get the picture!

Kindly by Kelsea Brand Designer and Strategist for Creatives

I’m the list-maker, the organizer, the occasional “book a trip to France on a whim”-er. I seriously want to be everyone’s friend, AND I want all my friends to be friends. I could watch The Office reruns for the rest of my days. I’m also super grateful for my little family who always gets my obscure references to The Office, like “I am Beyonce, always” and loves the heck out of my quirks.


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about 99% of the time, you can find me:


fixing up the buddo bungalow

I love adding personal touches (like, flea market finds!) to our sweet little home. I also may or may not fluff my pillows every night before bed. Obsessive, anyone?

at a barre studio

I’m a barre teacher, and I don’t think there’s anything else in the world that gets my spirits up and sparks my creativity. My overall sanity is a mess without it!

wandering around anthropologie

Anthropologie. I always go if I need a dose of non-digital inspiration! It's my dream to collaborate with them on ANYTHING. (Can you hear me, God?)

giving all the gifts

My love language is gifts, and I love giving anything perfectly-tailored and unique to the person I have in mind. I also love getting gifts, obvi. Bonus points if it’s personalized or flowers!

traveling the globe

I know that technically means you wouldn’t be able to find me, but this belongs on a something-I-want-to-do-all-the-time list! We are obsessed with traveling of any kind, but have been especially blessed to travel overseas at least once a year.

with a starbucks drink in hand

Salted sweet cream cold brew. SO BASIC, I know. But, also SO DELICIOUS.